Research Design Competition

Research Design Competition

Session Chairs: Kiley Sobel (University of Washington), Christopher Frauenberger (Vienna University of Technology)

  • The Bits & Atoms of Play: Critical Engagements with Intercultural Meaning Making [Preview video]

Ellie Bates, Kristy Evers, Lee Lewis, Jenny Zhou, Mina Vasalou (University College London), Vali Lalioti (The Innovation Consultancy), Kandase Augustin (Leeds Beckett)

  • Create: A Platform for Pre-Adolescent Creativity and Collaborative Play [Preview video]

Betsy Garwood, Nick Labate, Imana Onipe, Brian Tran (Kent State University)

  • Culture Box: Education App on the World Through History and Time [Preview video]

Ashley Griffith, Fredric Vigne, Jack McCormick, Shannon Kovach (Kent State University)