Papers session 7: Communication, Emotion and Engagement

Papers session 7: Communication, Emotion and Engagement

Session Chair: Jerry Alan Fails, Boise State University

  • Children Asking Questions: Speech Interface Reformulations and Personification Preferences

Svetlana Yarosh, Stryker Thompson, Kathleen Watson, Alice Virginia Chase (University of Minnesota), Ashwin Senthilkumar (Eden Prairie High School), Ye Yuan (University of Minnesota), AJ Brush (Microsoft Research)

  • Children’s Conversation with Experience: Making Colorful Imprints from Emotions

Pauline Gourlet (Université Paris 8)

  • Overcoming Socio-Technical Challenges for Cross-Cultural Collaborative Applications

Sumita Sharma, Pekka Kallioniemi (University of Tampere), Tomi Heimonen (University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point), Jaakko Hakulinen, Markku Turunen, Tuuli Keskinen (University of Tampere)

  • Why Doesn’t It Work? Voice-Driven Interfaces and Young Children’s Communication Repair Strategies

Yi Cheng, Kate Yen, Yeqi Chen, Sijin Chen, Yiran Ni, Alexis Hiniker (University of Washington)