Papers session 6: Learning and Literacy

Papers session 6: Learning and Literacy

Session Chair: Elisa Rubegni, University of Lincoln

  • A Day in the Life of Jos: Web-based Game to Increase Children’s Digital Literacy

Sana Maqsood, Christine Mekhail, Sonia Chiasson (Carleton University)

  • Going Beyond Performance Scores: Understanding Cognitive-Affective States in Kindergartners

Priyashri Kamlesh Sridhar, Samantha Wei Ting Chan, Suranga Nanayakkara (Singapore University of Technology and Design)

  • Designing to Illuminate Children’s Scientific Funds of Knowledge Through Social Media Sharing

Kelly Mills, Elizabeth Bonsignore, Tamara Clegg (University of Maryland), June Ahn (New York University), Jason Yip (University of Washington), Daniel Pauw, Lautaro Cabrera, Kenna Hernly (University of Maryland),

Caroline Pitt (University of Washington)

  • Designing for Concreteness Fading in Primary Computing

Anthony Trory, Kate Howland, Judith Good (University of Sussex)

  • A Survey of Computational Kits for Young Children

Junnan Yu, Ricarose Roque (University of Colorado Boulder)