Papers session 4: Tangible Interaction and Toys

Papers session 4: Tangible Interaction and Toys

Session Chair: Jason C. Yip, University of Washington

  • Teegi’s so cute!”: Assessing the pedagogical potential of an interactive tangible interface for school children

Stephanie Fleck , Charlotte Baraudon (Université de Lorraine), Jeremy Frey (Ullo), Thibault Laine, Martin Hachet (Inria Bordeaux)

  • Tangible Interaction in Parent-Child Activity: Encouraging Awareness and Reflection

Ofir Sadka, Hadas Erel, Andrey Grishko, Oren Zuckerman (Interdisciplinary Center)

  • When Toys Come to Life: Considering the Internet of Toys from an Animistic Design Perspective

Bieke Zaman (KU Leuven), Maarten Van Mechelen (TU Delft), Lizzy Bleumers (Vrije Universiteit Brussel)

  • Printy3D: In-Situ Tangible Three-Dimensional Design for Augmented Fabrication

Amanda K Yung, Zhiyuan Li, Daniel Ashbrook (Rochester Institute of Technology)