Paper Session 2: Designing Together

Paper Session 2: Designing Together

Session Chair: Ole Sejer Iversen, Aarhus University

  • Co-Designing Voice User-Interfaces with Teenagers in the Context of Smart Homes

Dan Fitton, Janet Read, Gavin Sim, Brendan Cassidy (University of Central Lancashire)

  • Co-Designing Online Privacy-Related Games and Stories with Children

Priya Kumar, Jessica Vitak (University of Maryland), Marshini Chetty (Princeton University), Tamara Clegg (University of Maryland), Jonathan Yang (Princeton University), Brenna McNally, Elizabeth bonsignore (University of Maryland)

  • You Have to Start Somewhere – Initial Meanings Making in a Design and Making Project

Netta Iivari, Marianne Kinnula, Tonja Molin-Juustila (University of Oulu)

  • Audio Journaling for Self-Reflection and Assessment among Teens in Participatory Media Programs

Nitin Sawhney (The New School), Cleve Graver (Fordham University), Emily Breitkopf (The New School)