Notes Session 3: Coding and Critical Design

Notes Session 3: Coding and Critical Design (room “EL6”)

Session Chair: Kate Howland, University of Sussex

Scratch Memories: A Visualization Tool for Children to Celebrate and Reflect on Their Creative Trajectories

Shruti Dhariwal (MIT Media Lab)

The Stamp Plate and the Kicking Chair: Playful Productivity for Meals in Preschools

Ying-Yu Chen, Kelda Lee Baljon, Bonnie Tran, Daniela Rosner Rosner, Alexis Hiniker (University of Washington)

Critical design in interaction design and children – impossible, inappropriate or critical imperative?

Netta Iivari, Kari Kuutti (University of Oulu)

Semi-Automatic Suggestion Generation for Young Novice Programmers in an Open-Ended Context

Michelle Ichinco, Caitlin Kelleher (Washington University in St. Louis)

Leo con Lula, introducing global reading methods to children with ASD

Javier Gomez, Letizia Jaccheri (Norwegian University of Science and Technology), Juan C Torrado, Germán Montoro (Universidad Autónoma de Madrid)