Notes Session 1: Tangible and Touch Interaction

Notes Session 1: Tangible and Touch Interaction    (room “EL21”)

Session Chair: Kshitij Sharma, NTNU

“Wow He Is Talking!” A Study on Intrinsic Motivations for Child-Robotic Toy Interactions

Yasemin Dönmez, Naz A.G.Z. Borekci (Middle East Technical University), Mathieu Gielen (Delft University of Technology)

Evaluating Elementary Student Interaction with Ubiquitous Touch Projection Technology

Sarah Diesburg, C. Adam Feldhaus, Coved Oswald, Cole Boudreau, Beau Anthony Brown (University of Northern Iowa)

Designing for the ‘At home’ Experience of Parents and Children with Tablet Games

Janet Read, Matthew Horton (University of Central Lancashire), Suzanne Clarke (BBC), Dan Fitton, Gavin Sim (University of Central Lancashire), Rhia Jones, (BBC)

Paper Mechatronics: Present and Future

Hyunjoo Oh (University of Colorado Boulder), Sherry His (Concord Consortium), Michael Eisenberg, Mark D Gross (University of Colorado)

Light It Up: Using Paper Circuitry to Enhance Low-Fidelity Paper Prototypes for Children

Anneli Hershman, Juliana Nazare, Jie Qi, Martin Saveski, Deb Roy, Mitchel Resnick (MIT Media Lab)