Full Papers and Short Papers

Full Papers and Short Papers (Notes):

1) intended to report original work not previously published elsewhere;

2) may address any of the areas listed in the conference topics;

3) should clearly state the contribution(s) in the paper and the abstract.

Contributions making one clear, significant contribution to IDC topics, are more likely to be accepted than those making several lesser contributions. Submissions to these categories must identify and cite relevant published work and explain how the paper furthers state of the art within Interaction Design and Children. Full Papers will be expected to be between 8 and 10 pages long – excluding references, Short Papers (Notes) will be expected to be between 4 and 6 pages – excluding references. We will use the ACM SIGCHI Paper Format (Note: feel free to use either the old or the new CCS; on any case CCS is not going to be used for the review assignments). We encourage authors to select the venue based on the way their work writes up – rather than see Short Papers (Notes) as inferior to Full Papers. 

OPTIONAL supporting files, such as videos or source code, may be included. You may submit a link to a video hosted on a service like Vimeo or YouTube. This video must be anonymous and no longer than 5 minutes in length. Please also note that your paper must be a complete, stand-alone submission that makes sense without the video.

All accepted Full Papers and Short Papers (Notes) will be included in the conference proceedings published in the ACM Digital Library. Submissions for review should be anonymised and should adhere to the format provided in the template. Once accepted for publication, submissions will go through a light second review process. Publication of the paper is dependent on there being at least one author of the paper registered and participated in the conference.

Submissions: Made to Precision Conference


  • Submission deadline for the title, abstract and metadata: January 15. It is mandatory that the title, abstract and metadata will be submitted by January 15
  • NEW: Submission deadline for the rest of the materials (the actual paper, supplementary materials, video): January 19
  • Notification: March 15
  • Camera Ready: April 15


New Section: Selection and Participation of Children

Under this subheading, the authors of the paper should describe how children were selected (if there were no children simply write – no children participated in this work), what consent processes were followed (i.e. did they consent and if so what they were told), and anything especially interesting in terms of how the children participated.

This subsection should not exceed 125 words and will not count towards the page limit – even if this detail is elsewhere in the paper we still want to see this paragraph. You should place this section before the references. Examples can be seen in IDC’16 proceedings.