Camera-Ready Submissions

Congratulations if you have had a contribution accepted to IDC 2018. Here are the instructions to guide you towards your camera-ready submission.

Action Items

  • Exhaustively consider reviewer comments. Make sure you have done your best to address the comments in the reviews of your paper.
  • Submit the rights form to the publisher via the ACM eRights management forms.
  • Place the bibliographic strip and author information into your paper.
  • Submit your paper by the deadline specified in your acceptance-notification e-mail.
  • Register at least one author for the conference (Registration will open during the first week of April).

General Formatting
Make sure your paper:

  • is based on the provided template/style (see details below),
  • does not exceed the page limit,
  • is in PDF format,
  • has all fonts embedded in the PDF file,
  • uses only scalable font types (like Type 1, TrueType) — bit-mapped font types (like Type 3) are not acceptable,
  • does not have page numbers or footers,
  • is in letter page size,
  • provides the country of the affiliation in the author information on the first page,
  • has all figures embedded in vector graphics (if not possible, use a high-resolution bitmap format of at least 300 dpi; do not use JPG, but a lossless format like PNG or GIF),
  • has all text in figures and tables large enough and readable,
  • has a caption for every figure or table

Full Papers will be expected to be between 8 and 10 pages long – excluding references, Short Papers (Notes) will be expected to be between 4 and 6 pages – excluding references.

We will use the ACM SIGCHI Paper Format for full papers and notes and the SIGCHI Extended Abstracts format for Late Breaking / Work in Progress and Demo and Art Installations. All contribution will use the new ACM Computing Classification System – CCS (available at:

The hard submission deadline is 15 April 2018 for papers and notes, and 30 April 2018 for Late Breaking / Work in Progress and Demo and Art Installations. No extensions will be given. Kindly attend to your submission early if you have travel planned near the submission deadline. Contributions not submitted on time will not appear in the proceedings.

Here are the next two steps for your accepted paper:

  1. Soon after your paper is accepted, you will be sent the ACM eRights management form and complete instructions. After completing the rights management form, the corresponding author will be emailed the correct rights text and bibliographic strip to place within your paper. You must enter the text into your paper. As rights management emails are sent from an automated system, there is a chance that emails sent will wind up in SPAM folders. Please make sure that the corresponding author set email SPAM settings to allow emails from “”
  2. Alongside the camera-ready PDF’s, you will be required to collect and submit the source files for each paper – all files which were used to create the final output (PDF), be they Word, LaTeX, image files, etc. In anticipation of serving both accessibility compliant PDF and responsive HTML5 formatted files from the ACM Digital Library, ACM is now enforcing this requirement. Your camera-ready PDF and source files will be submitted through Precision Conference, no latter than 15 April 2018 for papers and notes, and 30 April 2018 for Late Breaking / Work in Progress and Demo and Art.

Please note that publication of your paper is contingent on at least one author registering and attending to present the paper. We look forward to your participation at IDC 2018 in Trondheim this June!